Dating for the #Remain crowd

We made Better Together Dating to bring those who want to go far away, closer together.

Better Together Dating is a unique dating service for the 48%; for those who know that Britain is stronger within Europe, for those who celebrate the diversity, joy, and love that our great continent provides, and for those with Bregret.

Mobile friendly

Better Together Dating works on all of your devices; phones, laptops, tablets. We know you're always up and about, and want to come with you.


We keep your data secure and private. We only collect the information we need, and will never disclose or sell your data to third parties.

Apps... soon

Our Android and iOS app will be hitting the app stores in the next few days. Never miss a notification again!

We're an international team putting love first 

Posted June 24th, 2016

Better Together Dating is a product of M14 Industries A startup based out of Manchester, UK. The company is made up of Brits, non-Brits, and children of non-Brits. Europe allowed us to come together, and now we want to share that connection with you. 

The UK has a great love of Europe and Europeans. We love to travel, and we love to carry an open mind wherever we go. We've made Better Together Dating as a space to meet like minded people.

We think the best services are simple services. Better Together Dating is simple; we get out the way of you and your friends-to-be. Sign up to our free service, and start finding people who share your world view.